One light with Lego characters

Well, nothing fancy here. Just a speedlite with an omni bounce and some Lego characters (Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Superman).
Just having a bit of fun :)


Patiently waiting: #siouxlookout_in_bw

Something from last winter that I came across and gave the black and white treatment.


Stye Quequish

Couple photos from a recent Blue Earth Photography photo shoot with Stallone (Stye) Quequish, aka Setting Sun. More images found on a featured gallery on the Blue Earth website.

Stye-Quequish-01 Stye-Quequish-02

Changes for 2014


Enjoy your holidays folks! 2013 was a blast. It was a year of learning, discovery, challenges, excitement, fear. Truth be told, a lot of fear. I put myself out there as a photographer this year, offering wedding and portrait services. And I was kept quite busy, on top of working a full-time job. I made mistakes. I hope I learned from them. But as I was saying, each and every time I had a gig, it was nerve wracking. I was scared because I didn’t want to mess it up. Especially weddings. There’s no redo’s with weddings. But, in the end, I had a bunch of happy clients. That’s the main thing. But as a photographer, I continue to learn. I want to keep improving. My goal is to offer professional work for the people in Sioux Lookout and the region. I look back on my work and while I’m generally happy with it, I see room for improvement. As a professional, I owe it to my clients to provide the best work possible. And I owe it to them to offer better professional business service.

So that sort of leads into the following news. Starting in January, a friend and I are opening a photography studio in Sioux Lookout under the name Blue Earth Photography. It’s small, but it’s a start. And exciting! One of the things I learned last year is people want more than digital files. They want products. Especially prints. And if I think about it, I’d want prints too. Nothing beats a product that you can hold and have for years. Digital files get lost in hard drives. Over time, you may never see them again. So, with the opening of  a studio, we’ll be offering products and packages people can purchase. Same goes for weddings.

So in the next couple months, more information about these services will be shared. A website, blog and social media sites are also in development. And that friend of mine I’ll be working with is Adrienne Fox. She’s been a great photography mentor (and a great friend). And she’s an awesome photographer. We usually assist each other on photo shoots and often partner for events or weddings. So it seemed natural to work together. Our aim is to provide high quality professional work. Timeless photographs for our clients to enjoy for years to come.

What does this mean for Brent Wesley Photography? I’ve developed quite the online presence, so I’d like to keep it going. So the plan is Brent Wesley Photography will continue to exist as a way to further develop my artistic eye. I’ll continue to share work, but it will be of a creative nature. What kind of work that will be, I don’t know. But as of late, I’ve been enjoying black and white landscapes. So, I’ll continue to mold and shape my personal work. It’ll be a means to explore and create. To keep learning. Blue Earth Photography will be about the professional services that we’ll offer (portraiture, weddings, commercial and event).

Exciting times for 2014. I hope yours will be too!

Pelican Lake: #siouxlookout_in_bw

_MG_0953-Edit_MG_0945-Edit _MG_0947-Edit

Future sled dogs: #siouxlookout_in_bw


Lake Superior

View from Silver City, Michigan, close to Porcupine Mountains State Park.



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